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Empower your business in a changing landscape

To compete in a consumer-empowered economy, it is increasingly clear that financial services firms must leverage their information assets to gain a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers, channels, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more.

Realising value will come from effectively managing and analysing the rapidly increasing volume, velocity and variety of new and existing data, from here it becomes imperative to put the right skills and tools in place to better understand operations, customers and the marketplace as a whole.


Implement the right solutions

Using our solutions, some of the biggest financial services organisations in Australia and New Zealand have seen remarkable business benefits.

Streamlined processes, improved data accuracy, enhanced customer service and valuable business insights have all been achieved through the implementation of our range of products.


Gain a competitive advantage

Certus are right at the cutting edge of assisting some of the region’s largest, and most complex, financial institutions to leverage their IBM software investment as a competitive advantage.

Especially important in this market is Certus’ multi-award winning expertise in IBM Business Analytics and Information Management. This spans Financial Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Information Governance and Data Warehousing. Certus is helping finance and banking customers turn raw data into actionable information.