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The Certus Asset Insights Platform provides a holistic solution that organisations can deploy and adopt for Enterprise Asset, Field Workforce and IoT Processes while providing greater insights and decision-making capability. 



Asset Intelligence Explained

Your enterprise assets are constantly communicating…
The Certus Asset Insights Platform helps you understand this data.

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Improve your asset ROI

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – The economies of scale that Certus has built into the platform means organisations can swap like-for-like asset management capabilities and typically benefit from a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership.

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Simplify your approach

Adopting the Asset Insight Platform minimises the complexities of managing multiple licensing agreements and gives you access to a range of unique Certus IP. 

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Future-proofing your strategy

Modular and scalable solutions components provide the agility to meet the changing demands of your business with a pre-defined and predictable pricing model.

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The Asset Maturity Curve

Regardless of your industry, asset maintenance can be much more than just a business cost. Leverage the right combination of sensors, analytics and algorithms to transform a cost of doing business, into an investment model that shows clear and predictable returns.

Moving up the maturity curve means fewer unpredicted outages and lower day-to-day maintenance costs. It also collates accumulated knowledge from people's heads, to form a cognitive approach to managing key infrastructure. Investing step-by-step, lets you build a complete picture and understanding of your assets' health. You then minimise the risks associated with an overly ambitious approach.



Certus helps you make sense of asset intelligence with a platform that combines Enterprise Asset Management and IoT. The result: a solution that is predictable, repeatable and scalable.




Better asset utilisation through real-time tracking of potential flaws or inefficiencies. This reduces downtime and extends asset life. 


Watson scans and tracks data from documents, reports and IoT sensors, to provide real-time data analysis and inform on decision-making.


Iterative design on-the-go. Pre-empt production flaws through production line IoT connectivity.


Harness Watson's analytics to make manufacturing processes smarter. Iterative optimisation means your processes adapt and improve as things change in real-time.


Smart-network transportation will revolutionise the public's user experience. Use data to drive efficiency.


Smart devices extend all the way to smart ball-bearings. This allows manufacturers and equipment users to track how their assets are performing down to the smallest parts.

Intelligent operations and maintenance powered by the Internet of Things.


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Enterprise Asset Management

Connected devices, data analytics and enterprise asset management (EAM) are changing the way maintenance is conducted. IBM Maximo®, the leader in EAM, can distill insights from your IoT data to obtain greater value from your assets — regardless of your industry.


Solution Sheet


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Predictive Maintenance

Ever wished for a crystal ball? This unique suite of IBM products use data to help reliability engineers predict when critical equipment might fail. They are then empowered to take the appropriate action.

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IBM TRIRIGA® is designed specifically for facilities and real estate management. It is an integrated workplace management solution (IWMS) that combines data from sensors and equipment, with analytics to optimize your building’s maintenance and operations.


Certus Asset Intelligence SolutionaData Quality

Most organisations are grappling with the explosion in enterprise data, IoT sensors, changing regulatory requirements, and the need to be agile and support innovation.  A better approach is needed to achieve insights into Asset Information that improves operational and commercial performance.

The Certus Asset Insights Platform is a holistic solution that any size organisation can deploy and adopt for Enterprise Asset, Field Workforce and IOT Processes while providing greater insights and decision-making capability.

The Certus Asset Insights Platform is a solution that modernises a client’s Asset Information Management capabilities. This unique enterprise-grade platform is scalable, flexible and extensible, built on industry-leading software and cloud technologies. It features artefacts specifically designed to accelerate the deployment and management of asset and work management outcomes through a series of seven core modules:

Download The Certus Asset Intelligence Solution Sheet

The Certus Asset Intelligence Solution brings together core IBM technologies to deliver a fully integrated solution including:

IBM Advanced Analytics  Analytics – Platform Open  Application Platform & Integration  Customer Analytics  Customer engagement Solutions  Enterprise Content Management  Financial & Operational Performance Management  Predictive Analytics  Prescriptive Analytics  Risk & Compliance  Safer Planet  Security • IBM Watson



Explore how to transform your business strategy


Mobility for Field Services - a pre-built solution for rapid deployment 

There is more to delivering a mobile solution, than just developing a mobile application. Certus Mobile simplifies application design and gives you access to a whole new box of tricks, to help you manage your assets.


Smarter resorts make for smarter holidays.

IBM Maximo and the Internet of Things can create smarter solutions for all kinds of asset-dependent industries. Watch how this extends to one of the world's biggest hotels.


Blockchains for Asset Intensive industries

Blockchain’s shared ledger sets the foundation for transparent, auditable, trusted business processes in the future. Having wide-reaching potential across many industries, it is clear that asset management will benefit greatly from blockchain technology. Being able to quickly and definitively share information between a range of parties will provide companies with the potential to streamline the way that they treat their data.


Woodside, Australia’s largest energy company, is becoming a cognitive business with Watson.

Woodside Energy is Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company. Some of its employees are based on off-shore facilities for two-week deployments. Their jobs require extreme precision, and conditions must be perfect before any action can be taken.


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Michael has over 20 years’ experience in Asset Centric Industries. He combines a consultative approach, with a deep knowledge of IBM and emerging technologies. This enables unique and innovative business solutions, that build a true competitive advantage. While based in New Zealand, he has undertaken transformative projects for numerous international firms. He brings a proven track record of success.